money-mattersLincombe Manor Retirement Village hosted a Valuation and Financial Health Check event in February, which proved a great opportunity for the treasures and personal finance of residents and guests to come under the expert’s eyeglass.

Listening to the speakers, auctioneer Michael Bowman and financial expert Nick Richards from Charles Royle, it was clear just how important it is to keep up to date, and how the market place can impact on your investment. Even changes in our lifestyle can make a significant difference to the value of assets. For example, in the antiques arena brown furniture seems a lot less appealing these days. Although good news for those thinking of downsizing as big statement furniture still holds its value as do the smaller pieces that fit into more modern room sizes.

Michael Bowman had the room in rapture as he reviewed the valuables put before him whilst interjecting with funny and interesting tales accumulated during his 29 year of operation from his Chudleigh auction house.

Nick Richards made it very clear just how vital it is to keep abreast of your paperwork. Guests took the opportunity to learn how important it is to review finances, particularly in retirement.


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