Many people are coming to realise that if they make retirement choices now their children or relatives won’t have to make them later.

Moving and downsizing is a scenario that, if not approached sensitively, may cause a great deal of stress to family, who are often trying to help navigate the process.

The reality is that, as we get older, there is an inevitable loss of family and close friends, which gives a growing sense of isolation and loneliness within what becomes a shrinking environment that once supported personal growth and happiness.

Moving in to a retirement community is an option that suits many; enjoying retirement in a safe and secure environment lifts the pressure from everyone.

Making difficult decisions sooner rather than later is much easier while options are still available. Waiting until declining health conditions limit your prospects from ‘best-case-scenario’ to ‘whatever is available’. Being faced with potential isolation and dependence on family and friends can be avoided with positive planning.

It’s a known fact that many retirement villages offer support and assistance with arrangements for transport, healthcare and the social aspect of day-to-day life offering residents significant levels of independence. Making sure the home you choose is the right one for you is paramount, and as the demand for this type of living increases it’s advisable to be proactive and do your homework now.

Those who have already made the move thrive in this new stage of their lives, with access to activities that encourage creativity and offer well being and, above all, camaraderie. It is especially important to feel that someone is watching out for your welfare. A retirement community can provide just such a support system.

Don’t fall into the trap of complacency. The time to choose the retirement community that will best support your needs is BEFORE the need arises.

Families need to stay positive and help their relatives to look forward to the end goal of improved circumstances, but equally a period of time is necessary to treasure memories and respect the process of letting go.

Moving to the safe environment of a dedicated retirement village with company and activity on your own doorstep and with support on hand is a very positive focus. Planning that move in good time and with those that you love around you makes a lot of sense for all involved.

Communication is key – if you have a spouse or partner, it’s essential that you not only both equally wish to move but that you can both understand each other’s reasons for wanting to do so, and the same goes for family members too.

Don’t leave it too long and remember the three Ps – Perfect Preparation and Planning.

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