For beginners and intermediate artists, a chance to brush up your skills in a relaxed group. Work is annually exhibited and enjoyed at Lincombe Manor.

Tutor: Theresa Shaw

Cost: £15 per class

A weekly activity open to all (during term time) from 2-5pm in the Bistro.

Enquiries to Theresa Shaw or the Lincombe Manor estate team.

Born in the Midlands, Theresa has been painting and drawing her whole life and her earliest artistic memories are of throwing paint, Jackson Pollock-style, at a large piece of paper in infant’s school, over and over again. Following the births of her two children she retrained as a teacher, eager to pass on her knowledge and joy in painting, teaching ages from six to 96. In the last 10 years she has exhibited and sold many pieces of art worldwide and her work continues to evolve in different directions whilst always remaining inspired by the natural world and attempting to express that in a unique and personal way.

Theresa relocated to Devon in 2009 to start a new chapter of her life. At present she is absorbed in the use of acrylic inks for their brilliant colour and fluidity to create individual pieces of artwork that reflect how she feels about beauty and life.